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The Book Of Cool

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The Book Of Cool
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The Book Of Cool

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Do you ever wish you were a bit cooler? You know, like those irritatingly dexterous dudes you see on MTV performing fancy football moves, awesome trick shots, flash wheelies, mind-blowing magic, blinding breakdancing and heaps of similar 'I wish I could do that' tomfoolery.

The Book Of CoolWell now you can with the Book of Cool. This forehead-slappingly impressive package teaches you how to pull off some of the coolest tricks in the universe: from fancy footie flicks and tricksy skateboard flips to pen-twirling, coin-spinning, card shuffling, lasso hurling and, er...chainsaw juggling. And that's just for starters because there are over 250 tricks to learn!

The Book Of Cool

The Book Of CoolBeautifully presented in a plush box, the award-winning Book of Cool comes complete with three DVDs filled with over 9 hours of footage that will absolutely blow your socks off - and your Y-fronts if you're uncool enough to wear 'em!

The Book Of Cool

The Book Of CoolYour tutors in the art of cool are all champions in their field (admit it, you didn't know there was a plate-spinning championship), and some of their moves will have you hitting rewind in utter disbelief. Impressive? Well put it this way, Mr Woo (World Freestyle Football Champ) makes Ronaldinho look like a clumsy oaf with two left feet.

Each section features an Omigod! introduction, where the experts in question strut their jaw-dropping stuff and generally show-off for your viewing pleasure. This is followed by a step-by-step guide where the trick is broken down into bite-size pieces for you to watch over and over again until you've perfected it.

The Book Of Cool

Armed with this brilliant bible of cool you'll soon be the most mondo rad cat in town (unless the whole town has read it too). And even if you're rubbish at the tricks, you'll still have a beautiful 320 page full-colour book and a trio of stupendously entertaining DVDs. And on the off-chance you're ever required to twirl a six-shooter into a holster whilst wheelie-ing your BMX, you'll have a pretty good idea how to do it. Cool? You'll be positively polar!



The people featured in this product are all experts and highly skilled in their chosen fields. Some of the activities featured in 'the book of cool' can be hazardous. Where appropriate you must wear all recommended protective clothing and equipment. If you have any doubt about your ability to attempt a skill safely, do not attempt it, seek tutition from a professional or recognised expert in the field! Always consider your safety and the safety of others around you.

Please Note:
  • DVD only suitable for PAL compatible DVD players / Televisions.
  • Exempt from classification.
  • DVD Pack:
    • 3x DVDs (approximately 9 hours: 250 skills)
    • 1x 320 Page Book
  • Skills to Learn:
    • DVD Version:
      • Frisbee throws
      • Casino Skills
      • Street Soccer Moves
      • Cowboy Gun Tricks
      • Street Basketball
      • Pen Spinning
      • Freestyle Football Moves
      • Ropes & Whips
      • Skate & Blade
      • Cards & Magic
      • Juggling
      • Flatland Bike Skills
      • Rugby Kicks
      • Golf Tricks & Skills
      • Bar Flairing
      • Pool Shots
      • Footbag Moves
      • Street Bike Tricks
      • Break Dancing
      • Baton Skills
      • Yo-Yo Tricks
      • Scooter Tricks
  • Dimensions:
    • DVD & Book Pack: 14.5cm(W) x 19.2cm(H) x 4.5cm(D)


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